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670611_0bebdb92a0f447dab252d0a7e3ee9dce.jpg_srz_p_214_194_75_22_0.50_1.20_0This week on Food for Thought with Deborah Walker is Katrina Patterson who talks with me about natural eye care, and improving your eyesight naturally, without the aid of glasses. Click here to listen

Katrina worked for over 25 years as a researcher with the Consumers’ Association before starting out on her own as an INLPTA NLP Trainer in business and education. She was drawn to NLP by one of its definitions, at attitude of curiosity that leaves behind it a trail of techniques and found it useful as a management tool. She liked the field of NLP so much that for 4 years she was a Trustee of the Association of NLP, when it was a registered charity, assistant editor of the NLP journal ‘Rapport’ and the Association’s Press Officer. A committed life- long learner and researcher she continues to explore different forms of learning and therapy. In 1995, whilst on an NLP and Health Programme in Santa Cruz, California, where NLP first started, she met up with Danish Leo Angart www.vision-training.com who had improved his own really short sighted vision naturally and the next year organised his first Natural Vision Training workshop in London. 18 years later she is still organising his London workshops, this year will be the 39th . She also teaches her own workshops on how to maintain your good vision naturally. She has taught in the UK, US, Skyros – Greece, Finland and Southern Ireland. Leo Angart will be back in London on 21/22 June 2014. Katrina will be teaching a 2 day Improve Your Eyesight Naturally course in Midleton, Cork on 27/28 September and a one day course on Saturday 13 September for www.allaboutnaturalmedicine.com in London.

Most recently, she completed a 3 year training as a Feldenkrais Method of Body Awareness Teacher intrigued by the ideas of Moshe Feldenkrais (1904 – 1984) http://feldenkrais-method.org/en/biography who had a big influence on the field of NLP and knew a lot about how the eyes lead the body into movement. Part of her quest has been a drive to understand how to work with her own dyslexia and dyspraxia and along the way she discovered a lazy eye which may have contributed to both. She doesn’t need to wear glasses and hopes to persuade people that there is more to good vision than optics and to help others take responsibility for understanding their own health. Katrina speaks regularly at conferences around the world on varied topics.


Katrina has kindly offered one of Leo Angarts books for competition so if you fancy your chance to win a copy of Read Again Without Glasses then email webmaster@naturalhealthradio.co.uk saying I would like to remove my glasses forever Deborah in the strapline, if you are the lucky winner we will inform you by email.

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