The Sleep Book by Dr Guy Meadows

I’m currently reading…The Sleep Book by Dr Guy Meadows.
Guy_ProfileMany of my clients suffer from poor sleep habits which have often gone on for many years, therefore helping them manage the stress and lifestyle that are creating this is paramount in enabling long term change to their health to happen.

The Sleep Book: How to Sleep Well Every Night is split into a 5 week programme , and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before for sleeping, because it’s effectively a training in awareness, acceptance and letting go. That might sound odd, but stopping the struggle and fight on how to go to sleep, and moving into the realms of becoming aware of how little control you have over sleeping is how this programme is designed.

It’s a very good book, very simple to follow, and I believe the guidance would benefit many of us in all honesty, because I feel that sleeping has become highly under rated in our society and we should be taking more time over it.

Sleeping well every night is an absolute need for our body and mind to function well, and this book leads you into building a whole new sleeping pattern that fits with the life that you lead. Relearning what the rest of the population knows, how to sleep properly every night, and getting your life back which in many respects when your sleeping goes so does how good you feel about life.

A really helpful programme in sleeping, it’s not complicated to follow, simple, easy and I can’t imagine that anyone with a sleeping issue won’t benefit from following this for the 5 weeks.

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