Know your body

Do you actually know your body?

Do you? Funny question really asking whether you know your body, the vehicle you live in 24 hours a day all of your life, but I’m being quite serious in asking it. Because I find many people really don’t know their body, and they continually rely on others to know how to work with it better than they do. So do you know where your spleen is? Just point to it, most people have little understanding about the anatomy of their body, so when it becomes ill they become fearful about what the pain means and need others to define their illness for them. When I’m talking to people about their health many people will tell me their stomach is bloated and point at their intestinal area, tell me they have muscular back pain whilst pointing to their kidneys and adrenal gland area. Are you having treatment that isn’t really addressing your true issue because you don’t really know your own body? Are you disempowering yourself in the process of healing?

I believe we should all learn about our bodies, the anatomy, and physiology of them for me is obviously crucial to know but I believe it should be in everyones arsenal, even if it’s just the basics. Go and empower yourself, and stop the ignorance which means that understanding your health becomes the sole judgement of someone else, which is when they make all the decisions and you stand on the sidelines not knowing for sure what the right thing is to be doing healing wise. When you do educate yourself on your body, and its systems and functions, you gain back control and are able to make informed decisions about what is happening to you, reading the dashboard as I call of it of your bodies functioning signals, and potentially have some understanding as to why it might be happening. When you understand the basics and to be honest it only needs to be basic because you can always extend your reading as you need to, you can put in place the resources that you need to heal and keep yourself functioning at an optimal level, it becomes clear for you the therapies, diet and healing that needs to happen. You in effect become your own mini naturopath, which is the way it should be, your own healer.

By understanding how your body works, what it specifically needs to function appropriately in the short term to heal and long term to work effectively in a way that reduces the effects of ageing, the more in control you become and the less you hand over the decision making to doctors and therapists. By becoming confident about the right amounts of vitamins, minerals, food and water that work for you, the more your confidence will increase in general about everything. We hand this regularly over to others often overriding our own body wisdom which inherently allows us to use our intuition effectively in so many ways including decision making. The empowerment that we gain from this inherent understanding about ourselves and our health doesn’t just stop there it works across everything in our life. When you gain back control in this one arena from the doctors, medications, foods or therapists you learn that it’s you that has the power to heal, yes its within and available to us all. It’s not an outside medication that we take but it’s an innate power which we all have. But not having a clue about the anatomy of your body, the biological functioning on an even basic level isn’t going to allow you to move forward without fear in the long run. Because when something happens you are dependent on someone else informing you of what it is and accepting their interpretation. But when you know, you don’t need others to tell you, you might need them to help you heal as one of the resources you then choose to use with your innate knowledge, but at least by that point it’s informed and not in a vain hope that they can resolve it for you.

Taking time to learn the biological functioning of your body and the systems it uses to eliminate, create energy, transmit information, and understanding how things happen for instance such as inflammation, blockages, metabolism is well worth doing before you are ill. I see so many people who once they are ill who have given their lives over to researching their particular illness, who have become mines of information and the research they have done is phenomenal on their particular complaint or illness. Yet if this had been done before they had been ill, years before in a drip feed fashion, allowing themselves to digest and understand their body and how it is working, they may never have become ill.

Understanding what you need to put in to build a healthy body, how it shows you that you aren’t doing the right things is important. The body needs building blocks and when it is without these blocks that it starts to misfire and slow down, understanding the signs is powerful, and ables you to take control immediately of the situation and not wait until it completely fails and someone like myself is helping you to make a full recovery. So knowing what gives you healthy heart, colon, gut, stomach, brain, eyes, teeth, bones, can make living life empowering and energise yourself in finding ways of making sure you are feeding and supporting your one only true asset. Knowing your body, means that you can tailor what you are doing, personalise your own plan to keep yourself in perfect health, no one will ever know your body better than you do. Healing yourself is empowering believe me, nothing else will feel better than gaining control over your body well except control over your mind, and the mind in my opinion is the most powerful part of your health, and knowledge gives you the power to control your mind. Naturally when you have the knowledge you know what you need to do and how you need to do it, calming what might be fear from lack of knowing, and the ability to control that fear of what is happening to you is powerful.

Controlling your body and healing it is one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have I promise you, particularly if you are or have been in a poor health position. Starting to understand what helps and hinders your body dietary wise enables you to be in total touch with it, which then allows it to speak to you even more about what it needs. People laugh when I tell them this at first, but are then telling me months later about how their body is choosing naturally what it wants to eat. They explain how they are drawn to certain foods, and how other foods turn them off now, I laugh and they say Ok so you told me so! But it only happens if you listen and take time to learn about your body and how it’s experiencing what you are doing to it. Your body has an innate wisdom about how to keep itself healthy, you just need to allow it to speak, listening to your body and watching it’s reactions is one of the most powerful things you will ever do. Know your own body.

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