Taking your health to the next level

Every time you decide to improve your health, and change things it can be one of the biggest challenges you ever take on because it means changing aspects your life that are probably very ingrained in how you live it, and that means changing your beliefs in many respects!

When we go for the next big shift in what we want to achieve in our health we have to make big inroads into changing our belief system, and challenging our normal pattern of behaviour. From the way we shop, to the types of foods we eat, where we go to eat, who we eat with, to finding ways of communicating it and telling people our new choices around foods, and just these few things can really push a lot of buttons.

The stripping away of these beliefs and replacing them with new ones can be an ongoing process, a continual journey of discovery, discomfort, mistakes, and learning. A roller coaster at one point, a feeling of flow at others. But each time you get a chance to change things for yourself, and take this control and responsibility, you increase your confidence in your own ability to not only resolve your health but also take control in other areas of your life. This then leads to a strengthening of your whole core self, and beliefs about what you can do, and as you feel healthier, fitter, and more energised you start to have the inner strength to take on more and more challenges, sometimes these are things you thought you would never be able to do.

When we take the time to know our bodies and learn to do what is right for them, it can start to go against many of what has become societies norms, and this can push not only our buttons but other peoples. Choosing to be healthy in our world can come with a barrage of name calling, particularly if you are using alternative methods to do this just this alone can bring challenges from different quarters of disbelief. The rituals we have around foods and eating can be high, the beliefs we have about ourselves because of what we choose to eat can be difficult to shift, and lead to yo yoing as we learn to put new beliefs about ourselves in place about what we are doing. The opinions of others about how we should conduct ourselves can be a minefield to handle at times without falling out with them, and many people over time say to me how they have ended up having to deal with many aspects or all of these due to others feeling challenged over their choices.

Often we have beliefs that don’t help, that we can’t keep to the health plan and we always fall off the wagon! It is a journey of discovery about ourselves as we take on a challenge, and it’s ok to make mistakes! It’s ok to fall on and off the wagon! Ok so it’s a bit of an uncomfortable ride, but what I generally find is that that the length of time you get to stay on it becomes longer and longer!! Yes and easier and easier as you learn the way that works for you to stay on it at that point.

Another belief is that to be healthy you have to have the perfect diet all the time, yes obviously it helps but sometimes putting restrictions on ourselves has totally the opposite effect and makes us focus on what we can’t have more and more. So run the 80/20 rule, enjoy being healthy for 80% of the time, and then enjoy not being healthy 20%, over time you will find that the 80% becomes longer and longer as you find you enjoy that time more.

I have to restrict myself, no you don’t! I tend to say focus on the new things, add them into your diet, don’t take anything else out at that point. So don’t remove any of the foods you are considering are bad, why not? Because it’s not about focusing on them it’s about focusing on the good ones that are making the changes for you. Over time your body will help you to make more and more good choices it really will and it will naturally change the balance itself and you will find over time that you are just not drawn to those foods that are not healthy for the body. The body is a wonderful thing like that.

The belief that you aren’t worth it, by the way you are! Often when others put their beliefs onto you, its because you are not respecting your boundaries, you always get the friend or family member who makes you whilst you are changing your food choices your favourite cake, or in a restaurant will push you to make the unhealthy choice. Guess what it’s about making them feel good about what they are doing to themselves. You are worth the effort you are putting in, you are worth achieving your goals for, you are worth not undoing the good work on your health you are doing, let others have their journey and you keep to yours.

Often it’s not making the initial decision that is difficult, it’s the belief that you can be the person you want to be that you just don’t believe is possible. But the mindset change you will gain is enormous, seeing the truth for your own body and how it can perform is empowering stuff just from consistently carrying out a few simple changes. When you tap into this and grow with every opportunity it enables you to gain such powerful connections with yourself, and others over time. Is it time to up your game again with your health and take your body and your mind to the next level?

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