Linda Belcher Interview

image001January 8th 2014

I had the lovely Linda Belcher Holistic Therapist and natural health writer and blogger talking about Kinesiology and using it to guide your health. A really fascinating interview with someone who not only practices it but also teaches. Click here to listen

Linda Belcher is a Systematic Kinesiologist and Tutor working in Sussex. She has always had an interest in esoteric, mystical and subtle energies and found her way to kinesiology whilst in a very stressful job in HR. After some successful treatments she took the opportunity to undertake the professional training course and change career. She can take a multi-disciplinary approach to treatments and incorporates reflexology, reiki and Swedish massage where appropriate.

In her spare time she enjoys photography and walking anywhere by the sea. She lives with her Partner in West Sussex and Cornwall is one of their most favourite places on earth, so they take every opportunity to visit. Although having travelled a lot, she has an ever growing wish-list of travel destinations as long as your arm.!!


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