Max Tuck interview

This week on Food for Thought I have the lovely Max Tuck AKA the raw food scientist back on with me talking about her latest book coming out soon on bone health. She talks about her latest project of training for a marathon whilst writing it and tires me out just thinking about how she’s managed to fit the 2 in.

The interview discusses the myths around bone health that still abound, about raw vegan bone health as well as what she has been doing during her training to keep herself strong. The numbers of people having to deal with bone issues are increasing across the Western World and it’s directly linked to our diet and lifestyles, and Max has much to say about our diet and how detrimental it truly is. She talks about other cultures, and how they don’t have the same issues, and how there are aspects of our lifestyle that impact many people wouldn’t even consider being an issue.

Of course we cover sugar, what interview on nutrition wouldn’t be complete without this aspect of diet being discussed.

If you want to learn more about natural bone health, then listen in on Monday 8pm, Wednesday 9.30pm and Saturday at 9.30pm www.naturalhealthradio.co.ukimgres


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