Nature cures

Nature cures, in our search for the cure, for the answers to chronic health issues that are daily reducing lifespans, we have forgotten that simple truth. Nature can heal nature can cure. We live In a time of unprecedented health issues, where we have incredible diagnostic tools, medications, research constantly pushing back the boundaries. Yet at the same time increased issues with child and adult obesity, and chronic disease all of these run’s for the cures are ignoring a simple and basic truth. Nature can cure, nature can heal.

So why are we no longer using it, why are we no longer supporting it in its job, why do we no longer believe that it’s the case? Because most people have forgotten what my mother knew intuitively, that it’s not the kiss on the knee that got me better or the Savalon she rubbed in when we fell, it was the body she just knew it would heal itself.

And we expect it to happen with cuts and bruising, in those cases, we tend to leave it to do its job, we don’t know how it does it, but the wonder of the mending broken bone, the repairing of wounded skin is just expected. So why do we not believe it’s the same when we have chronic disease issues?

My role as a naturopathic nutritionist is to allow my clients to understand that they have the wisdom, the intuition but also with the right natural support in place your body can heal itself. It’s just that we’ve forgotten this, or no longer believe it’s the case.

We have moved so far outside of natures rules that our bodys are struggling to cope, our foods are leaving us fat and ill, our industrialisation of farming practices are leaving us malnourished our food is reduced in its nutrients, we eat food that no longer resembles real food, chemicals are not only in our foods but also surround us. We use chemicals rather than nature to clean ourselves and our environments, and we live in constant pollution not only outside of our own homes but also inside. We are encouraged to be seated for long periods forgoing our natural movement from childhood, trained to stay where we are in a chair our sedentary lifestyles are killing us. In work we have little balance, work has become almost slavery to a system where over working and overwhelm are the norm, the stress impacts on our sleep patterns but then sleep is seen as something that now gets in the way of our living, yet an important factor of health. Our lifestyles are so far outside of natures way that it’s no wonder we are ill what really could we expect.

I can see from the client numbers in my practise, and those who contact me for advice that there are more people now turning to natural approaches to resolve their health issues. The supplement industry is growing year on year, there are more and more people training to become practitioners of alternative therapies, and when mainstream supermarkets are stocking organic foods I know people inherently know what is good for their health and wellbeing. Clean eating has gained traction as has being vegan, things are changing when I see clients referred from doctors looking for them to get nutritional support because they know that diet and nutrition matters to health. So the change is on its way, and as it should be via making a conscious choice to live life optimally, because our health is our only wealth, and it’s only when our health has gone do we truly realise what we have lost. Our main investment in this life should be always initially in ourselves and keeping ourselves healthy, in mind body and spirit, as science progresses they understand what those of us who work with nature just inherently know, that they work as one, they are one.

We are a society now consumed by our lifestyles of consumerism, by work ethics that are in place to support that way of life, we try and fit more and more into our already overfull and overwhelming lifestyles, a way of life that just isn’t natural. When we work with nature we use it sparingly, with thoughtfulness, and consciously. Our lifestyles are ones often of excess, an excess that is driving many to be ill without realising it, unfulfilled on a spiritual level because nature works on more than the physical level. Nature works in it’s own time, at its own pace, it’s not driven to despair, only we burn things out, only we use resources until they are no more, when nature only takes what it needs, it works as a whole to keep the whole working, it is self-supporting. Our society has forgotten this, our elderly no longer able to perform economically in our society are left in homes, unstimulated, and often uncared for. We would rather use weapons against people and pay towards wars than resolve the increasing poverty leaving people dependent on food banks. We would rather tut tut about how they came to that point, and then sanction them removing more of their resources pushing them into further states of dependence and poverty than support them. Our society has forgotten that we are all connected, and what we are doing to one we are doing to us all, because ultimately it reflects on where we are, and how far we have moved from natures way. Nature works holistically and it doesn’t take more than it needs, it doesn’t take what it wants but is supportive of the wider Eco system it is working within. It’s aware, it’s conscious, it’s something that more of us are now becoming, and we will all only benefit with each person who makes that choice because each person who chooses to take this route is making a wider choice to be connected to the whole, to be supportive of the whole and to grow our health and therefore our wider society wealth.

With greater health aligned with nature will come a greater society, one that has optimised it’s mind, it’s body, and spirit, nature cures and from that we can believe that our society as a whole will become a stronger one because nature only has our own best interests at heart.

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