The stress factor interview

On this week’s podcast I’m with Mary Wingo, Ph.D., Scientist and Stress Expert and Author of The Impact of the human stress response, Mary has a wide-ranging knowledge of stress and the impact on the health and wellbeing of our society as a whole. Mary is hSighly passionate about her role in educating others to understand what is happening when we are stressed, and why we need to avoid it.

She walks her talk and as you will hear she personally has moved to live a lifestyle that has reduced her stress levels and she advocates that a stress-free life, which is something that many people just do not have any more.

Listen on to learn more about how stress is affecting our overall health, and leading to chronic disease states. She explains the physiological changes that happen when we are suffering from being stressed, how it’s a response that is designed to save our lives, except now we are rarely in that position.

She explains the key area’s of stressors in our lives, including toxins, and our out of balance gut flora, something few people discuss outside of naturopathic and functional medicine circles. A brilliant interviewee with someone who has a passion for her subject matter, who will be back to discuss this in more detail.

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