New Year New You class Omagh, Passport to Change Nutrition, Lifestyle and Weightloss

Is it time to stop the fad dieting, restrictive eating, and calorie counting?

It’s time to learn how to make the best nutrition choices that help your body and understand how they will help your body in the long term.

20 places available on a small 12 week programme of nutrition and lifestyle classes aimed at helping you learn to balance your weight and gain great health.

I will again be running a 12-week programme for Nutrition, lifestyle and weightloss class in Omagh on a Monday evening at Fit to Snack.

It’s a small group of people who want to learn about how nutrition can not only help them to balance their weight, but also improve their health.

We set goals for our lives not just our health, and we achieve them, the last class joined gyms, started weightlifting, discovered new ways to have fun exercising, lost inches off their waistline, broke through weight barriers they had to losing weight for years, realised how their diet could be improved without giving up on everything they love to eat and tried lot’s of new foods to help their health.

Each week has a motivational part, to help you focus for the following week on what you want to achieve.

We track your weight and body composition so we know what’s actually changing and if you are progressing. This makes a big difference because if you are gaining muscle tone you may become heavier but look slimmer.

We follow your health changes each week because it’s not just about weight it’s also about feeling good healthwise.

We have a private Facebook group where I add recipes each week and motivational videos to help keep you on track.

Each week covers a different health topic with foods and approaches scientifically found to help. We cover hydration, blood sugar balancing, metabolism, digestion, heart health, hormones, stress, and more.

Each week the 30 minutes prior to the main session starting I can review your diet diary on a first come first served basis and make any changes needed.

Starts the second week of January so you can get to that new you this year by spring. It’s chatty and interactive.

Email me for more details. The cost is £60 for the full 12 weeks paid in advance, or £25 for 4 weeks, or £7.50 weekly pay as you go.

p.s. there is no body shaming, you share what you want, all we do is weigh you, no one will know what you weigh or if things are going one way or the other! That’s no one’s business but yours and we respect that.


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