The movement habit

We are sitting for 13 hours or more each day, and it’s not helping our health. Just move more! Make movement a habit, I’ve moved my second office upstairs, so I have to run up and down to use it, I’ve added nearly 2.5 miles to my day on average doing this! It can be the small things in life that can make the biggest change.

As we age our resting metabolic rate slows down, this matters because it means our body uses less energy over time, and most of us are still eating the same as we were not realising that this is happening. This is the ageing process, our metabolism changing matters because depending on our nutrition, diet, and lifestyle choices will impact on this. The ageing process is exacerbated by poor nutrition and poor lifestyle choices, that let’s face it more often than not we know we are making!

Show up each day and make the changes that you know you could and should be making that will make all the difference to not only how you look but in the long term how you feel and age. We give very little thought to how we want to be in older age, but you should do because the choices you make now are impacting on how well you will be in the future.

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