Prof. Steve Rochlitz interview

imgres-1Porphyria is often considered a hidden problem which is hardly ever considered as the issue behind someone’s health. Steve Rochlitz discusses with Deborah this week how poor tolerance for caffeine, alcohol, MSG, stress, drugs, or supplements are possible indications of underlying porphyria. How if you became very sick, and or are very reactive to foods, chemicals or EMF after exposure to mercury, pesticide, mold, or from taking drugs, or other toxic exposure, or after a Candida, parasite, viral, Lyme, or other infectious problem, a worse state of (previously hidden) porphyria may have been induced.

A relatively unknown issue, Steve considers that it’s not as rare as the medical people consider, and is potentially far wider spread, and could be a key issue for those to consider who haven’t been able to get well.

Porphyria may be the ultimate cause of MCS/EMFS/E.I./Universal Food Sensitivities, and numerous common, chronic illnesses and this interview only scratches the surface of the information that Steve has within his books.

Steven Rochlitz, a former physics professor, is known as the world’s leading holistic health expert. He has taught his H.E.B.S. seminars across four continents, and clients have come to see hm from five continents. His books are known as the best ever written for uncovering the ultimate causes of chronic and/or environmental illnesses and for having illustrated, rapid, self-help techniques to improve health as well as unique diet and supplement recommendations. Each book is different and unique, and these books often reveal what others deliberately hide.

Steve’s website where all his books are available. http://www.wellatlast.com/

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