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images-2On this latest episode of Food for Thought I’ve got one of my favourite women Shazzie, she’s been a TV presenter, author, owner of one of the biggest superfood business’s in Europe,and one of the most downloaded Apps authors.

As always with Shazzie the conversation takes us everywhere and is full of her vibrant energy, and wisdom of life. In this interview we discuss her latest hipster beard look, why playing with app’s can go a little too far, but how it’s all for a good cause. Apparently it’s not permanent, and so we carry on to discuss her latest apps for Sleeping, Anxiety, and giving up smoking, which a number of my clients are using, and as one of the most downloaded guided meditation apps available we discuss the rise in sleeping issues, and smoking addiction.

Addictions are an interesting area of health we then talk more about, and why even with the words Smoking Kills in big letters on the packet, people still then go on to smoke the packet, what drives people, get her take on this.

She’s brought back Passion the E-zine, and it’s now with a whole new slant including life and business mastery, so using her full skill base and she talks about this progression and how happy she is to now be using her business skills again but this time to help others.

Have raw foods seen their day with Paleo being the new kid on the block? We discuss whether those raw foodists now having bone broth is just the movement of health changing with the fashion of health, and how raw veganism is now in the mainstream. David in her living room….you have to listen to find out how David Wolfe is a regular in the Shazzie household.

Finally we discuss the changing energy of women online, and how so many women have set up business’s that work around their children, the internet giving them the freedom to do this has changed their and those they work with lives.

This, authenticity, and a freebie gift giveaway at the end…what more could you want?

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