Spring cleanse

It’s time for a spring clean, so get into all the corners and crevices, and clear out winter stagnancy and come out from under the hibernation clutter that tends to accumulate.

I know that some of you are already experiencing a personal cleanse, the ‘acutes’ that happen during this time from my perspective are the body removing the build up of toxicity and waste from over the winter. Don’t suppress this from happening as most people do because it’s a natural cycle our body carries out to keep itself clean, although I know that having a cold is difficult, it helps to reduce the overall load that the body is carrying so is invaluable as a process to go through.

Instead allow the body to express its symptoms, which we so often nowadays want to suppress and stop from happening, in reality all this does is pushes the issue back into the body, and then it has to find another route of elimination. Support this natural cycle with cleansing techniques that help our body to move and flow.

Skin brushing, lighter hydrating diets, lots of spring greens are all helpful at this time of year. Hot and cold showers can be used for those of you who’s lymphatic system is a bit stuck, most of my clients are feeling it in their throats, neck and shoulder area, so a great opportunity to help move this congestion is with alternating the temperature to create a hot and cold shower. Aim the shower head of water on the locations of soreness and congestion on the body and neck, (not into your ears, or eyes do be sensible!), and change the temperature a couple of degrees cooler then warmer and keep alternating the temperature for 5 minutes. You will feel so much better and clearer in these area’s of congestion.

Sometimes a hot bath or sauna will help you to raise the temperature to sweat out what is happening, the body will do this of it’s own accord, but if it’s struggling to do so raising your own temperature to a sweat can be helpful. If you are feeling very sore in places then remember a good massage or lymphatic drainage massage can make you into a new person over night. What you are doing is helping any stagnancy you are experiencing to move and flow out of the body.

Remember the colon is incredibly important as the route of elimination, and keeping this moving with a natural whole foods diet, and enough hydration is key. After a winter of heavier carbohydrates and those lovely colourful root vegetables that help to warm us, Spring brings the colour green, and remember this when you are buying your next meal ingredients to add lot’s of greens to help keep everything moving. These greens have lot’s of vitamin K, great for bone health, and your circulation, magnesium and calcium which helps to bring energy and allows the cells to communicate effectively.

There are already a number of solutions for coughs, colds and sore throats on the website, so I’m not going to cover them here. But it’s the time of year to be taking action, imagine as a seed that you are coming alive again, our energy rises as the sunlight levels increase, those of you who were suffering in February will start to feel better by allowing yourself to go out more into the light. The light is so important for health, and it’s free, get yourself outside as much as you can now.

I struggle when I go to houses where they do not open their windows, I can’t understand why they wouldn’t want to clear old energy and stale air out, and let the new in. Open those windows, let the cleansing cool air freshen up your rooms. Make your own room sprays, my current favourite is distilled water, lavender oil, clary sage oil, and lemon oil, a great way to lift moods and energies in the room. I love the citrus oils, add them to your cleaning products and they leave a lovely uplifting smell in the room after cleaning, adding a drop onto your steamer mop or into a hoover helps to change the smells in the room. But this isn’t just about a refreshing smell, citrus oils are shown in research to help with changing moods, pine is seen in research to remind people of fresh clean smell, it’s also helpful for opening up the respiratory tract, great if your house is a bit musty from winter. I love to use peppermint in the hallway, it’s like a breath of fresh air when you come into the house and is also good for focus. One of my absolute favourites to add to cleaning products is lemongrass, which everyone loves and comments on, lemongrass is shown to be antimicrobial and so added to your Thai Green curry will help to fight off those colds.

This time of year is a good time to increase your juicing, to bring lightness, and use it in particular if you are struggling to remove a cold or flu symptoms. Lemons are very cleansing and helpful for the liver, and celery is great for those of you with water retention. Pineapple will help with systemic enzymes, inflammation, digestion, cucumber is great for hydrating your skin, apples are wonderful cleansers, these can all be added. An apple a day keeps the doctor away or so I’m told, and including apples in your diet has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, hypertension, and even better sex. So don’t under estimate the inclusion of these in your diets.

This might be the time to over haul your diet, and get it back on track, clear out the cupboards of any junk, and start a fresh. Fresh is best.

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