Strawberry and coconut breakfast

We probably all like our breakfasts to be quick so we can get on with the day, and having the ingredients in the cupboard is key for enabling this to happen.

Colour is so important when we are eating, does your current breakfast have any colour in it at all? We eat with our eyes, but because we are often running late in the UK we eat cereals and toast which are the 2 most eaten breakfasts. These more often than not refined, brown or white foods are giving us little in nutrients, well unless they have been fortified with synthetic vitamins, but this food is meant to help us break a fast from over night and set us up for what is often one of the busiest parts of the day.

When we don’t fuel ourselves properly at this part of the day some of us will end up making up for this with coffee’s, teas, and a mid morning biscuit.

Think about adding colour to your breakfast which will add valuable antioxidants to help you fight off this months coughs and colds that many of your are still dealing with.

Ingredients serve 1

Coconut Yoghurt 1-2 tablespoons

12 Grapes halved

2 very large strawberries sliced

sunflower seeds

cacao nibs

desiccated coconut or coconut flakes

Depending on how you like your yoghurt either add it first or last with the fruit, and add a sprinkling of seeds, desiccated coconut, and a few nibs.

Feast with the eyes.

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