Thai Green Curry Soup

I do love soup, and I love Thai Green Curry! So today I decided to bring the two together for lunch for us. It takes about 10 minutes to make and 20 minutes to cook, soak the mushrooms over night so that they are lovely and soft or use them fresh. It was quite spicy, but then I did add 2 little red chillis because Michael likes it hot!

Rice noodles 30g each person.

Coconut oil.

3 teaspoons of Thai Green Curry Paste without yeast extract or fish.

Pinch of hijiki soaked over night with the mushrooms.

2 small red chillis left whole and intact, you can use dried.

175g  Mixed mushrooms porcini, shitaki, etc, I used dry and soaked them overnight but you can use fresh if you can get them. Chop into small portions.

8 Mini sweetcorn chopped

400ml of coconut milk

1/2 pint of water boiled

1 pak choi

Dried kaffir lime leaf

Fresh coriander chopped

Heat the oil in the pan, add in the Thai curry paste, and cook for a minute on a medium heat. Add in the mushrooms, chillis, lime leaf, and hijiki, then cook for a couple of minutes. Add in the sweetcorn, and the coconut milk and cook for 10 minutes on a low to medium heat.

Put the water on to boil and the rice noodles in a pan, and put the boiling water over the noodles.

Add the chopped pak choi to the Thai curry pan, and allow to cook on a low heat.

Drain the rice noodles and put a small amount at the bottom of the bowl, and then ladle out the soup into each bowl.

Chop the fresh coriander and put over the top of the soup.

It really is very simple to make, the most time is spent in the supermarket looking for the ingredients! It’s even nicer when left for a few hours, it tends to have the flavours infused far more, and the heat from the chillis increases!

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