The English Sisters Interview

The English Sisters

On Food for Thought this week Deborah has the lovely opportunity to interview The (rather hypnotic) English Sisters. The show centres around stress and how we don’t really notice how those little things are creating the stress in our lives, we discuss those techniques that can help you to become stress free in minutes.

The English Sisters The Everyday Hypnotherapists and Authors in Rome.
Specialise in stress management.

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The English Sisters, Violeta and Jutka Zuggo are the authors of several lifestyle and children’s books including Stress Free In Three Minutes
and Entrancing Tales for Change with NLP and Hypnosis by THE ENGLISH SISTERS

They are also the authors of ‘Don’t Learn English, Smile / Non Imparare l’Inglese, Sorridi’,
and the children’s picture books ‘The Little Sparrow and the Chimney Pot’ and ‘The Little Grasshopper and the big ball of Dung’.

The English Sisters’ Everyday Hypnosis therapeutic videos help alleviate stress and anxiety and are available to watch on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/hypnoramblings. They are appreciated worldwide.


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