The regenerative kitchen

Regenerate and rejuvenate

The body has the capacity to regenerate and rejuvenate itself and it’s almost become a secret in the medical world who would like you to think that it’s just not possible and only medications are the answer. I’m not saying that it’s always the case, but the body is ceaselessly working on itself, when we become ill or break a bone it’s when our bodies really show us what they can do. On a day to day basis, we rarely consider the work that our body is doing, to keep us well and alive, but our diet is a big factor in how well it can perform this task. When we need our body to heal itself due to illness, this is when the regenerative power of plants is key.

The more compounds our food has that are supportive of the healing process, the quicker the process of healing is likely to happen. I always felt it was no surprise that at one stage the Indian Curry was one of our favourite dishes, with all the inflammation people have, curcumin should be a firm favourite in your kitchen. Curcumin was initially identified in 1815 but wouldn’t have its whole chemistry mapped until over 100 years later is used in Ayurvedic medicine for reducing inflammation,  managing blood sugar issues and low moods, but mostly it’s been used for reducing pain. But research has linked it to the liver and spinal chord regeneration. Turmeric is more well known now, and very easy to add to foods, and of course the odd turmeric latte can become an addition in your household, just don’t spill it on your clothes!

I often ask people to move to rooibos tea as an alternative to normal tea, this simple tea is also found to have liver regenerative properties and is caffeine free.

Another one to add to your kitchen is oregano, this herb and oil contains carvacrol, and is found to also have liver regenerative properties. It’s a hot oil so you have to be careful with it, but I use tiny amounts of tomato dishes regularly, less is more with the oil. Depending on the brand put a drop onto a spoon, and then use a toothpick to add it to your food, best to add more than find that the dish is overpowered by the oil.

Finally, you know I love you to eat your greens, so adding broccoli into your diet and juices, don’t waste the stems keep them to juice, is invaluable for tackling pollution that the body is having to deal with. Broccoli sprouts are my favourite, but plain old broccoli will be fine.

Turn your kitchen into a centre of regeneration with fresh foods, herbs, and spices and reap the long-term rewards.








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