Weight Loss Programmes

Have you tried all the other weight loss programmes…you’ve lost weight and regained it, and several pounds more over the years! 

Been yo yoing with your weight for a long time? 

Sick and tired of having to go on a diet to just get into your trousers, feeling tired all the time, worn out by it all, and fed up with trying to resolve it?

In fact it seems to be getting harder and harder now to lose weight. 

Is it time to get to grips with your health and weight, naturally with proper nutritional designed programme that isn’t about counting calories, or starving yourself! No instead one that works with the way your body works. 

The Nutrition Success and Weight loss Programme includes:

Ongoing group classes for 2 hours in the Omagh area at 10am and 7pm.

Expert nutrition advice from an award winning naturopathic nutritionist.

Easy to follow books, support, and coaching all run and designed by nutritionists:

    • The Nutrition, Weight Loss & Vitality Success Formula
    • Small groups which allow it to be more personalised. It’s more than just weighing you in each week it’s a workshop in learning about food and how it plays a part in health and weight loss.
    • My Personal Development Record diary.
    • The Motivational Coaching Success Formula
    • 4 weeks of simple delicious menu plans for you to use.
    • The ‘Golden Rules for lasting weight loss’ (what works, what really doesn’t!)
    • Food diaries, menu planning tools, progress trackers, advice on eating out, super healthy cooking techniques and daily success formulas.
    • Our own Facebook group to support each other during the programme which includes daily motivation, videos, recipes, and tips to keep you going in the right direction.
    • Reduced cost appointments with Deborah for allergy testing and nutritional deficiencies to fully assess where your needs are for supplements.

And a great group to help motivate you to stay on track! This is not just a weigh in weekly it’s an education in nutrition from a qualified nutritionist.

Nutrition, Vitality and Weight Loss Programme, Kickstart your health and wellbeing now! 

Dates and locations of events.

10 week Superhealth into Summer programme about to start soon. 

Location  Eco Centre, MACCA Resource Centre, Knockshee Park, Omagh, BT79 7PH
Programme The Superhealth Programme – improve your digestion, heart health, understand superfoods and memory. Starting 8th April 2015
Date 10 x Wednesday mornings at 10am – 12 noon and 7pm
Cost 10 weeks £198 / 5 weeks £99


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