Whippet aerodynamics and perspectives on life.

A reminder for me tonight that the enjoyment of life and what it brings can be a matter of perspective, and how we are all experiencing potentially the same thing but in different ways.

Tonight I took the dog for a walk, well in all honesty the dog took me for a run, jog, drag and sniff, because he’s still in the process of training me. It was a bit windy, well to be honest it’s very windy, and on the way out my other half and his friends said, you aren’t going out in that are you it’s awful, you will get the head blown off you, and it’s starting to rain.

Well after years of being an all weathers dog walker, I had looked out and thought, well it doesn’t look too bad out there, storms have a great energy and being in nature during those times reminds me of how powerful nature can truly be. I had watched how fast the wind was blowing and worked out that if I walked in a certain direction I could avoid any rain that might be about to happen, and if it did, it would be blown away quite quickly. So on considering this, I had decided that to go out with the dog would be a good thing to do, it would blow away the cobwebs, and help me change my energy from carrying out clinic work most of my day.

It did.

I was madly blown along and did 5 miles faster than I’ve done previously, obviously with the help of the wildly excited to be out ‘wafer thin whippet’ who took his opportunity to drag me faster than he had been doing previously. He’s more streamlined since I gave him coconut oil, he’s so shiny everyone’s commenting on it, but it had to be helping his aerodynamics.

When I got back my other half said I can’t believe you went out in that, but I hadn’t really noticed how ‘bad’ it was, I had played my favourite podcast, and had the wind blown through my hair, and I felt invigorated and alive.

It’s all about our experience and our perspective, never let anyone else tell you what to experience because only you have the view point on your life.

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