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On today’s Food for Thought it’s a privilege to welcome back Dr John Demartini,a best selling author, who has written over 40 books, an international speaker running an almost permanent schedule of workshops, he has a traveling schedule that makes me look like a light weight in all honesty.

We are going to talk today about the mind body connection, and how our health and life experiences images our thoughts,previously a very disputed area between science, medicine, spiritual and alternative health field, for a long time, which is now changing because there are large swathes of research starting to back up these alternative practices in mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, feeling love, positive thinking, that’s making it hard to now ignore the impacts on health they have.

We have incredible capacity to create profound transformations in our psychology and physiology through our perceptions but this can work both for and against us,Dr Demartini elaborates on this, supporting how the truth was known back in 1937Napoleon Hill is quoted as saying“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

The epigenetic perspectiveis profound in the way our thinking affects our genetic picture which can be game changer. Beliefsare embedded from your childhood like “I’m the skinny one in the family” or “We have thyroid issues in the family,” focusing your attention on illness has been scientifically proven to predispose the body to illness, and how excessive knowledge about what can go wrong with the body can actually harm you.

Dr John Demarti is currently in London with his workshops in transformation.

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