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Gerald a personal trainer in London recently asked me to add to a blog with 29 other ‘experts’ on the subject of weight loss, so I did! My thoughts on weight loss are not just about the how to’s, after years of working with people and aiding this to happen, I’ve found a lot of it is about the values that people hold, and how they see themselves.

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I believe that if you want to achieve any goal you need to understand your own value’s that drive the decisions you make, this is by far one of your greatest motivators. Once you understand what your values are, particularly your highest values, you will know how to set appropriate goals that you are more likely to achieve.

It’s important to be clear on the reasons why you want to lose weight and how they fit with your values before embarking on a diet, because it’s not that you don’t know what real healthy food looks like. Let’s face it, rarely do I come across anyone in my practice who can’t identify healthy over unhealthy food ingredients.

Therefore staying motivated on your weight loss goal is rarely about the food, it’s about your values that create your mindset, which then drive the decisions and choices that you ultimately make, all of the best intentions in the world are worthless if you don’t align them with your values. Understanding this can be one of your greatest assets to achieving any goal no matter what it is in your life.

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