Day 11 – Get back on the wagon! 2015

Are you over whelmed, trying to fit everything into your life, and shoehorn even more after that, well you aren’t on your own. We are left now having high expectations of how much we can fit in. In my grandparents day having a family and a job would of been it, then Friday and Saturday night out enjoying the efforts of their labour. Maybe they had an allotment, which was Sundays, but that would of been it, no running to after school classes, studying on top of a full time job, going to the gym, just living life was enough. TV has left us with less time, and shows us the opportunities that are available. magazines show us what we could have, and leave us feeling that we have to have, do or be even more than we already are. So we try and do it all, and I find my female clients in particular are trying to do too much, and when they aren’t succeeding at keeping all the plates spinning feel that they are letting the side down.

Have you looked at how much you are hoping to get into your day? When I started to map out my day, and put the actions actually in my diary, I found that it was unlikely that I would ever get through a 1/3 of what I was hoping to. So I learnt to allow myself to do less, and give myself permission to have lower expectations of how much I could physically do in a day. But I started to focus myself more on achieving those things, and do them with quality, quality not quantity, a bit like calories, it’s not the calories that matter it’s the quality of the food.

This change of focus led to me having my goals written down, so that my actions then aligned clearly each day with them. So I’m clear each day what I will be doing, and how much of my day those things will take up. You may be surprised when you start to schedule everything in your diary, this includes travelling time, hanging around waiting, preparing your food, eating, washing up, etc etc…how little you can actually do in a day in comparison to what you have on your todo list.

Let yourself down lightly, a to do list can be one of the most depressing things ever to have, but once you start to truly understand how much time you have, you can schedule those things in that you really want to achieve, that will make the most difference to your life.

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