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Day 9 – Get Back On The Wagon 2015!

Over the year’s I’ve noticed more and more how sleep deprived people generally are, TV has a lot to answer for, lighting and Kindles that affect our wanting to sleep, those pesky kids keeping us up, and caffeine! So apart from the children the rest is changeable over time, put down the Kindle, or electronic device!

Sleep is vitally important and shouldn’t be overlooked if you are truly wanting to have good health, once you are sleeping too late or and not having enough sleep it affects the biological rhythm of your cells, your hormones are affected, your appetite will alter, leaving you wanting to eat more.

On top of this your immunity will be affected, so it ends up as quite a big impact from just not going to bed early. Such a simple thing to do and when people say to me it’s expensive to be healthy, drink water and go to bed on time are some of the easiest and least expensive things you can employ in your health tool box.

Often it’s the retraining of the body and mind at first to allow you to go to bed, and not thinking that the TV or playing a game is the most important thing in your life.

Caffeine after 6pm is definitely out, when I see people who are chronically addicted to caffeine drinking it all day, their sleeping is never in balance, and their health is always impacted, so those of you who think that caffeine isn’t an issue probably need to consider how you feel on waking in the morning to assess if that is the case.


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