Goddesses Never Age

imgres-4I recently read Goddesses Never Age by Christiane Northrup, The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being, which inspired this latest article. As with all Christiane’s books I believe they are invaluable additions to a women’s health library and this one is no different. 

 I’ve seen a shift in many of my clients in the last few years, and I’m talking about my female ones, they are stressed from trying to do it all, they are stressed from continually giving and doing in all area’s of their life, and have lost sight of their feminine side, their creative and flowing feminine energy that gives them vitality. It’s showing in that they are mostly burnt out, their adrenals are shot, they are exhausted, their energy is non existent, and they can’t understand why Superwoman has gone astray. Our culture is burning women out mainly because it has them trying to be everything, to everyone but themselves, all the time, and it just can’t be done well not by my clients at least, they’ve had enough of trying to be superwoman and are now redefining what that means to them.

From thinking they are pathetic to stupid, they are trying to comprehend why they feel the way they do about their lives and the loss of control they have over their health, their eating, their time, the list goes on. But our culture has outlined that they can do the role of both men and women in the relationship, work and wider society, which means few of them are taking any time for themselves, and if they do they feel guilty and are ill as they try and resolve what this means now for them. Which is generally that they are trying to do it all.

So Christiane Northrup’s cry to ‘bring Mama back!’ I believe is absolutely right because it’s time to realise that we have lost the feminine in so many area’s of our lives which brings the natural playfulness, creativity, and flow; instead in business, it’s continually sidelined, yet those traits women bring are invaluable to building teams, communication, and for establishing values that mean something again and give back balance into lives that have long lost them. Our business working environments are placing strain on family life by expecting long working hours, which impact on the ability to juggle children’s needs. Unsociable working hours are common place, particularly as we work more and more internationally with colleagues. Our politics are desperately in need of a female perspective, again long and unsociable hours established from times gone by with our parliamentary colleagues, leave it difficult to have a balanced family life, leaving women mostly out of the equation in our political landscape, and therefore a whole gender mostly unheard. Decisions by our parliamentarians are clearly not focused on the family and those in need, but instead driven at times by ego’s. Our health system is falling apart, costs driven by profiteering and a government who is influenced by corporate lobbyists, rather than those who are using it, when women start to bring back that balance by becoming doctors, there are out cries of how the feminisation of medicine is then lead to a worsening and reducing service! No seriously apparently that is being considered the case by senior doctors, due to women choosing to balance work and family life. When it’s clear from research that ways of screening the breast are not helping reduce cancer but exacerbate it, it’s ignored, and women continue to be treated in ways that is disrespectful to them. 

Christiane Northrup points out “For too long, women have been trying to do it all. Getting angry or resentful toward men, or rejecting them, won’t lead to a fulfilling and enjoyable life”. She reminds women that they need to invite men to step up and support women in finding their heart energy, reminding them that joy, radiating pleasure, nurturing of the self, and happiness serves everyone, not just the women. Heart energy research shows how far the electromagnetic field of the heart reaches, and how it interacts with others. It impacts on everyone you come into the vicinity of, there is a growing body of research showing how we are communicating via the energy our body gives out. Our families reflect our energy without us even realising it, those around us at work, and in leisure are all being influenced by our energy. If we are unhappy then our energy reflects this, why is it important that we are happy, and feeling balanced? Because it shows in our energy fields, and that affects every cell in your body, when you have fun it reflects in your energy field. “Fun is important. Fun is what keeps us ageless” a great motto to live by, and one I feel is being forgotten in our world of continual busyness, and for those who are continually searching out the latest in supplements, and age reducing products then this is the panacea, and it’s a great time to be starting the adventure right at the start of the new year. When was the last time you thought about adding a pinch of joy and pleasure to your todo list, because this isn’t just about how it makes you feel but how influential you can be from just using your energy to change things.

There is a forgotten art to ensuring good health and longevity and it’s creating the art of pleasure on a day to day basis with what we are just ordinarily doing. Our todo lists become longer each day, how about creating a to love list, one which has you enjoying what you are doing? When joy becomes a focus, it aids healing of the body, mind and spirit, I see many go on the journey of resolving health issues by getting the supplements and the diet in place, and they are fantastic at it. What they forget is the joy of living, it’s a key part of health resolution, it increases key neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and your endorphin levels, when you make yourself feel good, your body and mind tends to follow. It’s clear from the research that our bodies can heal themselves, and will if they have the right ingredients in place. Pointing out how powerful medicine knows the placebo affect is, she explains how we have the power to invoke this affect for ourselves, not just occasionally but on a daily basis in everything we do, it doesn’t just have to be when we feel ill or out of balance but can be every day.

Every year we make our new years resolutions and it’s shown that within less that 2 weeks most people have forgotten what they even were!! Find better resolutions ones that bring smiles, joys, laughter, and make you feel good. That way we live a life of true health.

It’s a great book to read, and she’s a great author to add to your book shelves on women’s health, click here and I will take you to Amazon to buy it for yourself! Become inspired.

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