Justin Zalewski interview

77083_304726782981928_854015362_nTonight at 8pm on Food for Thought Deborah Walker hosts a show which goes out simultaneously on Scottish radio as well as Natural Health Radio! A bit of banter in their chat box is likely to happen as always, so get involved, and online to talk with Deborah. This weeks show interview has Justin Zalewski owner of Superfoods7.com talking about everything from optimising the body, to the absolute rubbish in some supplements, who sponsors the American Dieticians, and then as we run out of time we talk about the FDA and the system of health care. We didn’t have enough time…so I’ve invited him back on to be awesome with us and talk about Cancer being avoidable…yes that’s going to be an interesting follow up. I love to talk to people who are walking their talk, you can tell they are the ones who look decades younger than they are, are full of energy, and free thinking, and that is what life is about. See you later x debs

Listen now 

www.naturalhealthradio.co.uk at Monday 8pm.

Replays on Food for Thought 2pm Wednesday, 9.30pm Wednesday night, Saturday 9.30pm night GMT.

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