Day 6 – Get back on the wagon! 2015

Well today is all about juicing, one of the fastest ways to great health I have found over the years is adding a juice or 2 into your daily food. The naturopaths of old would have included juices in all of their treatments, they contain high amounts of nutrients and are cleansing for the body. …

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Danny Scahill Interview

Chiropractor and Personal Development Coach Danny Scahill, who tells us that chiropractors are not just for when your backs bad! He talks about his personal philosophy about health called Eat Well, Move Well and Think Well! Is he the Anthony Robbins of the chiropracting world, come and listen to find out! Click here to listen …

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Suzanne Humphries interview

On Food for Thought this week I have Dr Suzanne Humphries, a medical doctor and Nephrologist who is passionate about dispelling the myths that surround vaccinations. Click here to listen We talk about her new book called Dissolving illusions, Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten history which is an in depth study of diseases and the history of …

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